Widow's Walk chapter 12

Susan has made a picnic lunch which includes a ham sandwich with butter. Well, not exactly: "I sprayed it with one of those no-calorie butter-flavored sprays." Okay, for someone whose choice of beverage is often hot water and a slice of lemon that may seem reasonable, but who would put real actual butter on a sandwich in the first place? Nowadays it's considered only slightly less toxic than anthrax or plutonium.

I dug up my ancient copy of Betty Crocker's Cookbook and noted the following:

"There are three parts to a sandwich, as everyone knows. The bread. The spread. And the filling...the spread can be butter or margarine or mayonnaise with pleasant flavor variations...spread each slice with softened butter or margarine to prevent the filling from soaking into the bread."

I've never noticed ham soaking into bread myself but it is obviously a tradition. Can't say as I'd ever try one myself even for research purposes. For contrast may I suggest the following

Bullets and Beer Ham SandwichEdit

  • 1/2 pound Coronado Hot Ham
  • 1/4 pound Provolone cheese
  • 12 inches of a fresh loaf of French bread

Slice bread lengthwise and layer ingredients. A near perfect meal.


Use any other variety of sliced ham and add two tablespoons of crushed hot peppers and as much chopped dill pickle as will fit into the sandwich.

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