(There's a lot of material on Bullets & Beer which could be filed under "miscellaneous". Included here are the original entries posted by Bob Ames under this heading, plus others which didn't fit elsewhere on the wiki. Links have been removed or modified as necessary.)

  • Noted author Nick Pollotta was kind enough to send a copy of the wickedly funny Spenser satire he wrote for his collection of SF and mystery short stories "Tequila Mockingbird" [published in 2003 by Wildside Press]. It's called Pensive, The Rock. (The book can be found on Amazon here.)
  • Here's an account of one of my photo journeys into Boston and the rock solid sleuthing I am capable of. I call it The Clueless Gumshoe.
  • Parker specializes in novels and is not comfortable with short stories. He has written a few less lengthy works that I've detailed in Spenser's Shorts but the classic Surrogate still merits a page of its own.
  • Please address him as Doctor. Parker holds a PHD in English Literature from Boston University. Would you like to read his Doctoral Dissertation? I've put the information on how to obtain a copy here.
  • Police Business. A list of instances where Parker subverts a popular detective fiction trope, and the police give Spenser/Jesse/Sunny some 'unofficial' assistance.
  • You Don't Say. A collection of RBP's relatively rare departures from his near-constant use of the construction "he/she said" when characters speak.
  • The Debts. A partial analysis of instances where Spenser and his - pals? Acquaintances? Fellow tough guys? - allude to, directly or indirectly, the debts of honor that accrue between them.
  • Looking for one of our many interviews with RBP himself? Visit the Robert B. Parker page for an index of articles by and about the man behind Spenser.