AKA, "Just how often does Spenser get shot?" One of the hazards of being a hard-boiled private eye is that gunplay is more or less a part of the job. From the descriptions in several novels it is obvious that Spenser has been pierced by bullets more times than we know about, but the following are the six that are mentioned. (Up through Hugger Mugger, which is the last book covered by this page. However I can't recall an instance in the later books where he's shot. I'll update this when I get a chance.)

The Godwulf ManuscriptEdit

  • Chapter: 19
  • Impact area: One bullet in his left side near the rib cage ("Tore up the latissimus dorsi a bit.")
  • Weapon: "A long-barreled pistol" Caliber and type unknown
  • Shot by: Either Sully Roselli ("a gofer for Joe Broz") or Albert J. Brooks, probably an independent thug.

The Judas GoatEdit

  • Chapter: 7
  • Impact area: One bullet in his arse (He prefers to call it the upper left thigh)
  • Weapon: Colt .22 target pistol
  • Shot by: An unnamed member of the terrorist organization Liberty

The Widening GyreEdit

  • Chapter: 29
  • Impact area: One bullet in his upper left thigh (really; it's not the arse this time)
  • Weapon: 9 mm Smith & Wesson
  • Shot by: Roger Fancona (AKA Vandyke) under orders from Joe Broz


  • Chapter: 43
  • Impact area: Two bullets: his right chest and another on his lower right side
  • Weapon: "a nondescript .38 police special"
  • Shot by: Sherry Spellman


  • Chapter: 23
  • Impact area: One bullet in his left thigh
  • Weapon: Caliber and weapon unknown
  • Shot by: One of Gerry Broz's henchmen, shooting into Rich Beaumont's house.

Small VicesEdit

  • Chapter: 35
  • Impact area: Three bullets: His right shoulder, another lower on his right side, and the last in his back very close to the spine
  • Weapon: .22 caliber pistol
  • Shot by: Rugar (AKA The Gray Man, in the employ of Don Stapleton.